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I went to elite skin rejuvenation spa on Dec.2, 2005 where the owner WENDY ALMEIDA gave me an unlicensed Botched photo facial, She was not licensed to do this in 2005 got her cosmetology license April 2006. I left elite with 3rd degree burns that turned to blisters so badly I had to see a Dermatologist about, where they told me that the laser technician had no idea of what they were doing!

When I went back to elite to show Ms. Almeida the scars that she had given me she could NOT have cared less, she was more concerned with the fact I reported her to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU rather than the scars her BOTCHED PHOTO FACIAL had left me with, she gave me a check for half my money back, said I was lucky to get that (very indignant) I also went to the ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE and filed a formal complaint on Jan. 5, 2006 (this spa has more than one complaint on file at the A.G. office) I wish at the time I could have sued but my dad was very Ill and dying I had to care for him.

I then went on an online review site where a WENDY ALMEIDA (on her aol. account) sent out these VERY INAPPROPRIATE EMAILS calling me HORRIFIC DEROGATORY NAMES saying that I must have burned and scarred my own face practicing sick UNGODLY SEX ACTS??? (what kind of business engages in this type of behavior???) Ms. Allmeida goes on to lie some more in this sick nasty email saying that I go around bashing business's for money to shut me up as if I were some modern day Al Capone or just trying to discredit me???

she also says I am a HARASSING ****, and that she had to call the cops on me, which never happened, she also says that she is in the process of filing a law suit against me (for telling the truth??)The owner is actually getting angry at me for speaking out about her UNLICENSED BOTCHED PHOTO FACIAL that resulted in me paying elite skin rejuvenation spa for SCARRING MY FACE!!!!! DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID!!!

Review about: Photo Facial.

Monetary Loss: $160.


Mito-Shi, Ibaraki, Japan #216915

You must be smelling yourself then, and you need to take a shower?? nobody gives photo laser work without license or training unless they have a real mental problem!

La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #215142

I dated someone who had suffered third degree burns. He was in the HOSPITAL getting SKIN GRAFTS FOR MONTHS, NOT IN A DERMATOLOGIST'S OFFICE.

If you did have third degree burns, you would have been transported by ambulance, not left the spa on your own.

I kept checking my shoes because I smelled shyte. Now, I realize I smell the bs coming from your review.

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